Small Business Success

Small Business Passport Event On the morning of Saturday, November 26, as we sought to recover from the anxiety and exhaustion that gripped us in the aftermath of our frantic excursions into the chaos of the modern phenomenon known as “Black Friday,” many of us were unaware that a lesser known, but perhaps friendlier version of this notorious shopping holiday was going on right outside our doorsteps.

Awareness and participation in the event, known as Small Business Saturday, has grown in recent years, with many local businesses offering their own special promotions and discounts. This year, ten local businesses collaborated in a cross-promotional initiative led by the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce to encourage community engagement and to raise awareness of the benefits of shopping small.

Customers came out to show their support and local small businesses rewarded them by stamping their passports and offering a free gift, exclusive discount or gift certificate in exchange for their completed passport. Small businesses are an essential part of a vibrant local economy and we extend our thanks to everyone who has supported our local small business sector throughout the years.