Fairmont Area Community Calendar Upgraded

Fairmont Area Community Calendar Website

ABOVE: The Fairmont Area Calendar website features a sleek new interface.

The Fairmont Area Community Calendar has been upgraded to provide more intuitive navigation, improved aesthetics, and greater utility. Those familiar with the previous landing page will note a more visually engaging experience, with easy-to-find navigation options and centralized resources for users.

A more subtle, but perhaps even more valuable upgrade, can be found just below the categorical photo grid that first meets the eye. A button labeled “Submit an Event” now offers an easy to use interface for businesses, groups and organizations to submit their upcoming events. This seemingly minor addition offers immense potential by opening up this powerful resource to all events in the Fairmont area, no longer limited by a smaller number of approved requestors. To browse upcoming events or download the mobile app for Android or iOS, visit www.FairmontAreaCalendar.com.