Hiring Quality Employees Seminar

Hiring Quality Employees Seminar

Hiring Quality Employees Seminar

Friday, November 3, 2017
12:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Southern Minnesota Educational Campus (Room 012)
115 S Park St | Fairmont, MN 56031

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Event Sponsors: Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Workforce Center, City of Fairmont

This seminar is designed to satisfy the needs of Business Leaders, Human Resources Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, and Organizational Development. During this half-day program, we will focus on three areas for millennials and other employees. How to recruit them, effectively bring them into your organization (Onboarding), and keep them. We will also offer plenty of best-practice ideas for onboarding and retention that you can implement.


• How recruiting methods have changed
• How to use social media to source hard-to-find candidates
• Why millennials and other employees stay or leave
• How to measure turnover and retention
• The surprising relationship between compensation, satisfaction, retention, and motivation
• The relationship of leadership to retention and turnover
• Mission, vision, and values – how they make a big difference with millennials
• Importance of onboarding to retention, engagement, and performance
• The surprising importance of “cause work” for millennials
• 7 steps to giving effective recognition
• Understand the four onboarding “C’s”: Compliance, Clarification, Culture, Connection
• Applying gamification to onboarding – why and how
• How to structure a comprehensive onboarding plan
• How to build connections with new hires
• How retention interviews support onboarding
• How to use technology to modernize your program
• Best practices for effective recruiting, onboarding, and retention


You will leave this seminar armed with a leadership self-assessment, 146 ideas for reducing turnover, a tool for assessing your onboarding program, coaching and mentoring questions to build engagement and loyalty, 120 onboarding best practices, and a copy of the speaker’s presentation slides.


Wes Pruett

Wes Pruett

Founder & Owner
HR Advisors, LLC


Wes Pruett is the owner of HR Advisors LLC, a consulting practice that provides service to clients who seek to align their business and employees, creating successful outcomes and excellent work environments. After 20 years in senior leadership within the Mayo Health System, he founded HR Advisors.

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