Drama-Free Work Seminar


Tuesday February 6th 2024

9am – 3:30pm at Best Western Fairmont

$275/person Chamber members or $295/non Chamber members

Price of event includes lunch

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(minimum of 18 participants are needed to hold this seminar)

Registration and Payment due by January 19, 2024



Regardless of how our world changes and the coming of AI, problem solving, strategy and decision making will always depend on effective human behavior.  Your ability to communicate effectively, to challenge your own assumptions which shape your behavior and influence someone else’s reactions, and your ability to transition heated moments into effective outcomes are essential skills for today’s workplace.  The Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to bring Crystal Hanson of South Creek HR to present Thera Rising International’s highly acclaimed Drama-Free Work Seminar to our area.

Are you ready to become more effective?


Title: Drama-Free Work

Through thousands of seemingly insignificant interactions, people unknowingly create environments that are either cohesive or adversarial. During this seminar, the specific behaviors, and their far-reaching consequences, become stunningly clear. Through case studies and humorous anecdotes you will learn why negative assumptions pick up momentum and spread, how to short-circuit destructive disagreement, and eliminate behaviors that spark power struggles and mistrust. Learn the part you and your colleagues can play in building a resilient culture of integrity and strong business relationships.

We will study reciprocity which is the most reliable predictor of human behavior and accurately predicts how others will respond to our overtures. You will discover how others perceive us when we make negative assumptions and inadvertently create Cycles of Contempt. We will also discuss the five most common causes of workplace tension (and it’s not the people!). And lastly, you will learn how to open the dialogue on a potentially contentious issue with a 96% chance of a positive outcome.

At the end of the seminar you will be able to:

• Take the drama out of disagreement

• Open the dialogue with a 96% chance of a positive outcome

• Create positive change by being hard on the problem, not on the other person

• Replace bitterness about the past with an effective outcome for the future