Legislative Events

Local Legislative Events

  • Televised Candidate Forums – Sponsored by the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and the American Association of University Women 2022 Candidate Forums
  • Bureau 14 and Agri. Business Committee December Meeting – Sponsored by the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce. Every December meeting we invite our local state Legislative Representatives from our district to talk with the business community regarding their legislative agenda.

State Legislative Events
These events bring together the largest cross-section of business leaders and statewide policy-makers. These venues present excellent opportunities for networking and business development opportunities.

  • Business Day at the Capital – Provided by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
    Business Day at the Capitol provides all sizes and types of Minnesota companies the opportunity to see the Legislature in action and to influence public policy decisions. More than 800 business leaders gather for a day of education and lobbying at the Capitol.
  • Statewide Policy Tour – Provided by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
    At least twice a year the Minnesota Chamber travels across the state hosting a series of roundtable discussions to obtain feedback from our members on the top issues affecting their business and provide a report on the current happenings at the state legislature.
  • Session Priorities – Provided by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
    A high-profile reception and dinner for the Minnesota Chamber with a typical sellout crowd of more than 1,600 business and public policy leaders. The Governor and legislative leaders preview their priorities at this premier kickoff event to the legislative session. The Chamber introduces its policy agenda on key business issues.
  • Business Conference and Annual Meeting – Provided by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
    This conference provides opportunities for education and networking, plus sets the agenda for the upcoming legislative session. The Chamber’s annual meeting and volunteer recognition luncheon generally follows featuring a nationally renowned speaker.
  • House and Senate Annual Minnesota State Fair Event – Provided by the House and Senate of Minnesota
    Each year the House and Senate administers a booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Staff assist public in identifying their district and legislators, answer inquiries regarding the legislature and legislative process, and demonstrate new and existing technology features. In addition to handling public inquiries, they also conduct surveys on public opinion and views regarding legislative issues.
  • Legislative Webinars – Provided by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
    Timely webinars focusing on People, Profit and Policy. January – April a series of webinars, every Friday morning, will focus on the legislative agenda that impacts your business. Share your expertise on a topic with our members across the state. These webinars are available to view at the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce Office.