Leadership Martin County Testimonials

Amber Ballard 
“The knowledge a person gains from this experience is incredible and it’s difficult to find the rights words to express the magnitude of wisdom a person walks away with when the short 9 month course is complete.”

Joseph E. Brown, Sr. 
“LEADERSHIP Martin County was a special treat for me as a new resident and active member of the community. I feel as though I fully understand and appreciate the great potential we have as a regional center for quality living. I became impressed at the genuine commitment each individual segment of our community has in creating a better quality of life for all citizens. I also appreciate how business, education, city and county government, health care, and multiple organizations are connected to each other. What a great way to learn about the community you serve in just nine action packed days.”

Robert Bartingale 
“For a new leader in the community I found the entire program to be excellent. It introduced me to and connected me to leaders and future leaders in the community. It provided an excellent and in-depth overview of the entire community. Most of all it demonstrated what an incredibly strong community we have in Fairmont and Martin County. We have a lot to be proud of and a great future to look forward to.”

Stephanie Busiahn
What a great way to learn more about your community and other community members. We are very fortunate to have some great leaders in our community!

Melisa Engelby
The leadership program provides you with the opportunity to network and learn from each other and to see the dedication to the communities that we serve.

Neil Hanson
The Leadership Martin County program was a tremendous opportunity for a young profession in a local community by providing networking opportunities and understanding of how our local community is run. It was wonderful to see from the inside out of how programs, business, and government all worked and communicated together to enrich the area and the citizens who live here.

Steve Hawkins
It was a great experience. I have lived in Martin County my whole life and never realized all this area has to offer.

Oliver Kollofski
Participating in the inaugural class of Leadership Martin County provided great value. Rural communities face a unique array of challenges….it was interesting/educational conversing with the people that help make this area such a great place.

Logan Kahler
The Martin County Leadership program was a great opportunity to increase awareness of activities, opportunities, resources and needs within Martin County. In almost all cases this information was presented by those already involved in the community and from a wide variety of perspectives and an opportunity to ask questions and discuss.

Steven V. Landsteiner
One of the most important take aways for me was how much is always going on behind the scenes. Many people who care doing many things that matter.

Denise Mosloski
I have been very surprised by the many, many things I have learned about an area in which I have spent most of my life. I feel very fortunate to be a participant in the first class.

Troy Nemmers
As a new resident of Martin County this course was extremely beneficial to understanding all of the quality citizens, proud business owners, dedicated volunteers, and the wide array of opportunities that exist for Martin County residents.

Darla Nelson-Philipp
This class motivated me to make a difference about community programs I am passionate about.

Christopher W. Pierce
Leadership Martin County is a great opportunity to see first-hand how our county, cities, and schools operate. You also get the opportunity to meet with the key individuals involved and discuss the issues they are facing. I don’t know of any other area program that allows this kind of access and exposure. I would recommend this program to anybody that wants to develop greater leadership skills, but more importantly, I would recommend it to anybody that wants to be part of the greater discussion of what we need to do to grow and improve Martin County.

Jeanne M. Runge
This has been an awesome experience! I have learned so much, and gotten to know some really inspirational leaders in our community. I think we will do great things!

Chad Sanow
Throughout the year I learned a lot about the local businesses and community. There are a lot of people that care strongly about our community and want it to be successful. We as a class were able to share our support and concerns about functions and programs in the Fairmont/Martin County area. With more people getting involved in our community it will aid in the growth process.

Paul Scheff
Leadership has been a fantastic experience. Not originally being from Martin County, I have been privileged to meet new people and to discover the mechanisms which operate the county. I have learned things about Martin County that, even if I had grown up here, I wouldn’t have been exposed to. I would recommend Leadership to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of the county and wanting to meet the people who better it for the future.