Fairmont-The First Top 20 Community in the Nation

The Fairmont area promotes, instills and supports the Top 20 concepts originally designed and implemented in St. Paul, Minnesota. Teachings are based on the Pareto principle which proposes that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In most situations where there is a group doing an activity, some will just naturally succeed more than others. Top 20 awakens in people their inside power (how they think and see) and develops their outside power (how and what they communicate) in order to create more satisfying results and a more enjoyable journey through life. It helps people of all ages be more aware of choices they have every day to make a positive difference in their relationships and experiences.

In the 20 years since initial application, the Top 20 TLC (Thinking, Learning, Communicating) curriculum has evolved nationwide. In 2013, Fairmont made a commitment to promote Top 20 throughout the entire region, engaging the educational institutions, businesses, government and the general populous. Top 20 Thinking to Create a Healthy Workplace and Community points to remember are:

Top 20 Thinking to Create a Healthy Workplace and Community:

  • Live Above the Line
  • Help Others Succeed
  • Communicate “You Matter”
  • Honor the Absent
  • See the Problem; Own the Problem

If you would like to know more about how Fairmont has used Top 20 Training to become a better community, visit https://www.facebook.com/fairmonttop20.


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“Helping Others Succeed”

By: Beth Haskins, Training Director Community Options & Resources

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re waiting forever for the green light?  Not literally, but for example, the ok to make an independent decision about

a work project, the parent allowing a teenager to drive alone for the first time, buying that item or going on that vacation you’ve been saving so long for, the first hole in the wall leading to a remodeling project, etc.  It’s like waiting at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green.  RED LIGHT:  stop and make a plan  YELLOW LIGHT:  proceed with caution  GREEN LIGHT:  go for it!

What a feeling of accomplishment being able to make that first move leading to more and more successes until final fulfillment. Did you do it alone, or were there many people in the process who helped you succeed:  the boss who trusted you, ever trusting/patient/forgiving/loving parent, the banker or financial consultant, the building contractor who approved the construction or helped with the design…

The bottom line is we rarely succeed without the assistance of others.  So, the next time you dare to ‘go green’ or are approached by someone wa

iting for a green light, help them go forward.  They may not be able to grow without your belief in them.


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